Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Is your roof damaged beyond repair? We not only repair roofs but offer full roof replacements.

Roof Replacement

About Roof Replacement

At Hickman Roofing, we offer a free roof inspection and consultation to talk with you about your roofing needs and replacement options.

Whether you require a roof replacement from a storm event, old age, or simply looking to upgrade, we're here to help.

"What's the process of replacing my roof?"

Here's an overview of the Hickman Roofing replacement process:

  1. Schedule your free roofing inspection by calling us at 985-710-4710 or submitting a contact form.
  2. Our Hickman Roofing technicians will arrive at your home during your scheduled appointment, perform a multi-point roofing inspection, and consult with you on your replacement options.
  3. A Hickman Roofing customer service representative will be in touch to schedule a replacement appointment, discuss in detail the process of your replacement, and help with your insurance claims process to get you the roof you deserve.
  4. Our roofing experts will arrive at your scheduled appointment and replace your roof. The replacement process usually takes a few days. When we're finished with your replacement, you'll be left with a beautiful, brand-new roof with a 5-year Hickman Roofing workmanship warranty.
  5. You'll receive peace of mind knowing the experts at Hickman Roofing provided the highest quality roofing installment with excellent customer service.

"Can Hickman Roofing Help with me with the insurance claim process?"

As soon as you choose Hickman Roofing as your contractor, we'll move forward with getting your project started, including aiding in the insurance claim process. Regardless of if you have yet to file a claim, or your claim was denied, underpaid or just confusing, we have the necessary experience to help in all stages of the claims process and to ensure your roof damage is approved and fully paid.

We look forward to servicing your roofing needs. Call us today to speak with an expert and schedule a free roof inspection.

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